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About Frostpunk for Mac is proud to present Frostpunk for Mac Os X. You can now play this amazing game in you Mac Os X devices like macbook and iMac. Frostpunk is a city building survival game developed by 11 bit studios where the players build their city and attack other cities aswell as defend their own.

Game Play Of Frostpunk for Mac 

Frostpunk for Mac is survival city building game set in the alternate time of summer of 1886 where a snnow storm has taken over the world which damged all the crops and killed millions and millions of people. In Frostpunk for Mac the player is the leader of the group and has to find a heat generator and help the people survive the deadly snow storm and frost. The player must find the heat generator and manage them to fire the generater and provide heat to the people aswell aswell fulfill all their basic needs.


How to Download

  1. Go to
  2. find the Game Fortpunk for Mac
  3. It you cant Find it Search for it
  4. Click on the game
  5. Find the Download button below
  6. Click the Download Button
  7. Install the game in your Mac device
  8. Enojy the Game.

Download Frostpunk for Mac Os X and play this amazing game in your Mac Devices. Help your people survive the deadly snow storm by find a heat generator, fulfilling their basic needs and live a peaceful life. Just Click the download Button below and download this strategic survival building game with amazing game mechanics and some breath taking graphics in your Mac OS X devices Like Macbook and iMac by clicking the Download Button below.

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