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About Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS is proud to present Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS. You can now play this amazing and exhilarating game in your ios devices like iphone, Ipad and ipod. Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS is a 2.5d fighiting game by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS brings the popular anime Dragon ball Z in your ios devices. You can now play as your favorite dragon ball z charaters like Goku Vegeta Gohan and many more.

Gameplay of Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS

Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS is a fighting game where you battle different characters of dragon ball z franchise. It is very similar to the marvel vs capcom series in terms of gameplay mechanics goes. Players can control upto three characters in a team where they can swap each character as they like and can even perform team combos where all the characters come on to help the player perform a special combo which includes all the characters in the team. In order to perform special moves of the characters the players must fully charge their ki gauge which acts as their stamina. Dragon Ball FighterZ also features various modes for the players like Vs mode, Story mode and other different game modes which will make the players want to play more of the game.Dragon Ball FighterZ has improved the dragon ball z game mechanics tremendously and upgraded the graphics to make it one of the most fun and exciting Dragon ball Z game today.


Download Dragon Ball FighterZ for IOS for you IOS devices now and enjoy this amazing and exciting game in your Iphone, Ipad or ipod. Just click the download button below to start playing this game with some amazing graphics and exciting gameplay that will have you on the edge of your seats at all time.

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