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About is proud you bring you Fifa 18 for Android devices. Fifa is one of the most popular games of the world which brings the biggest sport of football into your android devices. Players can now play as one of their favorite team and favorite players in their android devices. Fifa 18 for Android has some major improvements this year with dribbling and defending having gone through some changes making it as realistic as possible.


Fifa 18 for Android is the most popular Soccer game in the world today. Players have variety of modes they can play like the manager mode where the players are the manager of the team the choose and spend their whole managerial career trying to win every trophy that they can in order to be named as the greatest manager in the world of football, they can choose to manage others teams aswell along the way as well as manage the national team which they prefer. The popular journey mode also comes in Fifa 18 for Android where players can play as Alex Hunter and go through his journey of becoming one of the greatest players in the world with variety of twists and turns in his life. The famous and most probably the most popular online mode Ultimate team is also available in Fifa 18 for Android.

Fifa 18 for Android has upgraded their stadiums aswell with over 52 licensed stadiums available with almost all the teams in the world of football available to the players to play as. Along with the players faces the players have specific trades like their running style inserted in Fifa 18  so when you play as Ronaldo or Messi in the game, they mimic their real life counter parts, Making Fifa 18 for Android the most realistic Football game ever.


Download Fifa 18 for Android now and enjoy this amazing game with some of the most realistic gameplay and graphics available today. Just click the Download Button below and play this brilliant game with the most amazing game of football that will have you at the edge of your seat through every game. Score stunning games, dribble through players, make last ditch tackles score some the the most incredible score ever in Fifa 18 for Android.

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