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About Football Manager for Android is proud to present Football Manager for Android devices. People can now enjoy the popular football management simulation game in their android devices. Football Manager for Android is developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega released in November 2017 . It is the most popular management simulation game of the most popular game in the world; Football.

Gameplay of Football Manager for Android

In Football Manager players can manage their favorite team and bring them glory through winning major tournaments. Players can manage teams as they want with real life like stats and budgets available to them just like the real managers do in the real world. Football Manager for Android also brings in depth scouting system so that they can scout the next potential Ronaldo and Messi’s of the game. Every game in Football Manager for Android has different tactics so the players must adapt their own tactics according to the game and teams. The transfer system has also been reworked so that it bring realism to the transfer made in the game to replicate the transfer process of the real world. Play as the manager of the worlds biggest clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona or Bayern Munich or play has the teams in the lower leagues with limited budgets and players to bring them to glory and prove that you are one of the greatest managers in the world of football.


Download Football Manager for Android now and enjoy the most popular and realistic Football management stimulation in the world in your android devices. Just click the Download Button below and start your managerial career with any team and bring them to the glory days by winning some of the most prestige trophy’s available today to cement yourself the greatest manager ever in the world of football.

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