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About God of War for Mac is proud to present God of War for Mac OS X. You can now enjoy this famous game in your Mac OS x Devices. God of War is an action adventure game developed by santa monica studio. God of War for Mac brings the famous character of Kratos now in a Norse Mythology rather than Greek Mythology which bring many Norse Gods in the game for the first time.

Game play of GOD of War for Mac

God of War for Mac is action adventure video game played in the third person perspective. Player play the character of the famous God of War Kratos whose life has completely changed as he has a son now named Arteus. There are many changes brought in this game from the previous one as players camera angle has been changed aswell, the camera is set as over the shoulder rather than cinematic view as in the previous God of war games. Kratos also doesn’t use his famous double blade as he now uses his double axe, the magic element is present in GOD of War for Mac aswell. Even though alot of changes are there in this game, Kratos hasn’t changed one bit as he is mad all the time and he takes his anger out by brutally killing is enemies. The famous boss battles are also present in GOD of War for Mac where the players battle the enemy through hitting the enemies and smashing various buttons as shown on the screen which leads to an epic cinematic scene of kratos killing the boss.


Download God of War for Mac now and enjoy this amazing game in your Mac OS X devices. Just click the Download Button below and enjoy this brutal and addictive game with some of the best graphics available today and breath taking game play that will have you at the edge of your seat.


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