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About GTA 5 for IOS is proud to present GTA 5 for IOS devices. Nows you can enjoy one of the most popular games of the 21st century in your IOS devices like Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. GTA 5 for IOS is and Action adventure game set in the frictional state of San Andreas. In GTA 5 you can play as three characters for the first time in the series history. Every character has different personalities which brings different dynamics to the gameplay.

Gameplay GTA 5 for IOS

GTA 5 for IOS is a open world action adventure game which you can play from either first person or third person perspective depending on the players wishes. GTA 5 provides the largest map in the games history where the players can choose to do a lot of activities like play tennis, bowling. Players can choose to accept or deny any missions they choose. The main missions consist of extraordinary heist for which the players must collect different equipments in order to begin that missions, after the heist starts the player have to control different characters depending on the situation of the mission.

In GTA 5 for IOS players can roam around the beautiful city Los Santos in the state of San Andreas. GTA 5 for IOS is a open world game so the players can do whatever they like without having to just play the missions in the game either do the missions of the game or just roam around messing with people. With each characters having different personalities players can enjoy different gameplay depending on the character they choose. The vast world of GTA will keep players entertained for a very long time with amazing gameplays and breathtaking graphics that will put console gaming to shame.


Download GTA 5 for IOS now and enjoy the most popular game available today in your IOS devices like IPhone, Ipad and IPod. Just click the Download Button below and start playing this amazing open world game for your IOS devices.

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