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Gamecern is very proud to bring you Soulcalibur VI for IOS devices. Soulcalibur VI is an upcoming fighting game in the Soulcalibur series developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Produced by “Project Soul”, an internal production studio within Bandai Namco that manages the series.


Following the tradition of prior installments, Soulcalibur VI for IOS’s gameplay involves two weapon-wielding combatants battling against one another on a 3D plane. The game introduces a new mechanic known as the Reversal Edge, which allows players to defend against an oncoming attack and quickly strike back, alongside a slow-motion effect. The mechanic follows the rather recent trend of fighting games introducing more options in player defense. Soulcalibur VI for IOS will take place during the 16th century as a reboot to the series, revisiting the events of the first Soulcalibur game to “uncover hidden truths”.

Soulcalibur VI for IOS brings the weapon-wielding parry and thrust mechanics of the series into the 4K era. Soulcalibur VI is built in the Unreal Engine and adds a new “reversal edge” counter to the gameplay for more strategic fighting. SOULCALIBUR VI represents the latest entry in the premier weapons-based, head-to-head fighting series and continues the epic struggle of warriors searching for the legendary Soul Swords. The heroic battles transpire in a beautiful and fl uid world, with eye popping graphics and visual appeal. SOULCALIBUR VI for IOS tunes the battle, movement, and visual systems so players can execute visceral and dynamic attacks with ease. SOULCALIBUR for IOS VI marks a new era of the historic franchise and its legendary struggle between the mighty Soul Swords!


Download Soulcalibur VI for IOS devices now by just clicking the Download Button below and enjoy this amazing game with amazing graphics and breath taking gameplay that will have you at the edge of your seat in your IOS devices like iphone. ipad and Ipod.



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