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About A Way Out for IOS is proud to present you A Way Out for IOS. You can now enjoy this amazing and intense game now in your IOS devices like Iphon, ipad or ipod. A Way Out is action adventure game that is developed and published by EA originals program where the players control Leo and Vincent where two of them must break out of prison and run the guards in the prison.

Gameplay of A Way Out for IOS

A Way Out for IOS is an action adventure multiplayer game which is played in a third person perspective to be played in a split screen multiplayer through local or online mode. Player control leo and vincent and escape the prison through various riddles where they must synchronize in other to progress through the game. The missions might be different each time so the payers might have to adjust according to the missions , the players might have different roles in a mission like one of them might be bait while the other completes the mission. Each mission can be approached in a different way to progress in a game. The characters story line is varied so one player might be playing the game while the other one might have to watch the cut scenes. Players can also swap characters during the game so players who played leo can swap to vincent during the game and vice versa. The players can also interact with other NPC in A Way Out for IOS where there a options of dialogue they can choose from to interact with them.

Download A Way Out for IOS

Download A Way Out for IOS now and enjoy this intriguing and thrilling game in your IOS devices. All you need to do is just click the Download Button below and play this amazing in game with trilling gameplay and breathtaking graphics in your ios devices like iphone, Ipod and Ipad.


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